Hundreds of thousands of people including popular celebrities like Vu Cat Tuong, Quang Vinh, Thu Thuy, Marcus Guilhem.. have already joined #Move21 since its launch in November 2017, creating a positive trend and inspiring the community to get active.

Let’s take a look at some of the stories of #Move21 participants which have been inspiring people throughout Vietnam to live a healthier, better way of life.


The human body was made to move! Living a sedentary lifestyle will literally kill you! Amongst Vietnam’s top causes of death are lifestyle related diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Regular exercise has been proven to significantly lower your risk of contracting these chronic illnesses. Science has shown it only takes 21 days to form a new habit, to make a permanent change, join our movement to help Vietnam live a healthier, better quality of life.

#MOVE21 - move for 21 days, and change your life.

  • Register at & workout at the gym for 21 consecutive days

  • Post your workout video or pictures on to Facebook and hashtag #MOVE21

  • Tag 3 new friends each day & challenge them to join #MOVE21

  • Join to Win 2x Wheel of Fortune Spins* & CMG will donate VND210.000** for everyone who finishes the challenge

* T&C apply
** CMG Family Foundation - supporting social causes

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